I write for PokerNews, Two Plus Two MagazineCardPlayerLifestyle, and on my blog. I'm currently working on a book about poker in New Orleans.  

at the 2016 World Series of Poker media tournament


Robbie Strazynski, June 2017 [CardPlayer Lifestyle, the differences between living in Israel and the United States, the World Series of Poker]

Sindy Scalfi, May 2017 [music, stage performance, animal rights, the psychology of poker, the South, and finding purpose in life]

Charles Gelvin, April 2017 [life in the Ninth Ward, Popeyes fried chicken, car sales, tournament poker, whether or not gamblers go to hell, eternal salvation]

Doug Whittaker, March 2017 [road gambling, playing with Paul “Eskimo” Clark, mud engineering, how poker has changed in the last thirty years]

Chad Holloway, February 2017 [Chad’s new role in poker media, the piece he’s proudest of penning, the highlights and lowlights of law school, bike theft in New Orleans]

Rick Bennet, January 2016 [writing The Baltimore Truth, surviving in the poker world]

Ashly Butler, January 2016 [what it means to be a professional poker player, how to conduct yourself at the table, late-night PLO with Russell Westbrook, game theory optimal kickball strategy]

Kenny Milam, December 2016 [Donald Trump, politics at the poker table, serving in Vietnam, kissing Miss Universe]

Miikka Anttonen, November 2016 [the boundaries between fiction and memoir, gambling addiction, the impulse to—literally—light money on fire]

Molly Mossey, October 2016 [the perks and perils of live reporting]

Tim Louie, September 2016 [life as a floorman, taking the LSATs, the 2015 film Mississippi Grind, highlights from the 2016 World Series of Poker]

Robert Harwell, August 2016 [growing up in Georgia, recovering from a spinal injury, Will “Monkey” Souther, Harwell’s deep run in the WSOP Main Event]

Miikka Anttonen, July 2016 [bankroll management, game selection, adapting to current live and online multi-table tournaments]

"Wild" Bill Phillips, July 2016 [this summer’s World Series of Poker, preying on weak opponents, Monkey’s Minions, bluffing balloon-wearing buffoons]

Jeff and Morgan Sager, June 2016 [transitioning to live poker, being a woman in the poker room, the future of the New Orleans Saints, choosing a fulfilling career]

Hunter Cichy, May 2016 [a structured approach to hand reading]

Hei "Sol Reader," May 2016 [making exploitative adjustments, the aesthetics of fashion, living a polyamorous lifestyle, the LGBTQ community]

Darrell Guillory, April 2016 [life as a dealer, the importance of faith, winning a championship with the Big Easy Ballers]

Kayeen Ellis-Kemp, March 2016 [chess, the importance of family and friends, the best places to play mid-stakes live poker in the U.S., rap]

Joshua Griffith and Sam Golbuff, February 2016 [live and online opening ranges in limit hold ‘em, what poker teaches, beating Phil Ivey with six-deuce offsuit]

Pierpaolo Papadia, January 2016 [life in Rome, transitioning to live games, the program at ChoiceCenter, getting slowrolled]

James McManus, December 2015 [The Education of a Poker Player, James Joyce, growing up Catholic in the 1950s and 60s, sex, Chicago sports, the future of poker in the U.S.]

Sanket Desai, November 2015 [ travel, pizza delivery, playing within your range, battling Sacramento Kings guard Seth Curry]

Walt “squid face”:  October 2015 [blackjack, life as a road gambler, bobsledding, playing poker professionally]

Daniel Jones, September 2015 [mindfulness, Super Mario Kart, Dostoevsky, why you probably shouldn't go to law school]

Jonathan Maxwell, September 2015 [poker fiction, Maxwell's novel Cards, the richness of pre-Internet poker culture, dogs]

I went on the August 19th AboveEV podcast to discuss writing, poker, and ice cream. 

Jenn Lienn, August 2015 [weekends at the Borgata, life as a female grinder, bumping into Annette Obrestad, balancing work with poker]

Sangni Zhao, July 2015 [bet sizing, winrates, manipulating an opponent's range, immortality]

Jay Anderson, July 2015 [health, the mental challenges of poker and ulcerative colitis, adjusting to life post-surgery]

Steve Bierman, July 2015 [Day One of the WSOP Main Event]

Tim Watts, June 2015 [gambling, vlogging, underground games in South Carolina, Las Vegas, happiness, poker media]

Don Ding, June 2015 [downswinging, strategies for managing variance, playing poker professionally, video games, limping suited aces under the gun]

Carl Dunn, May 2015 [prison, playing professionally in Las Vegas, painting]